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John Clidy

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Welcome to The Clidy Group, your premier resource for New Jersey and Pennsylvania homes and real estate, including Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Atlantic and Cumberland County.  Our Team consist of John Clidy, recognized as a Platinum award winning NJ Circle of Excellence agent by NJAR, 7 top agents in the industry, a marketing department, a full time Executive Administrator  and a Director of Operations. 

 John Clidy is involved with Real Estate in numerous ways and wears many business hats.  John is currently the Regional Director of the Greater PA Region. The region consists of 3 states (NJ, PA and DE), over 9,200+ agents and 51 market centers.  John is the Operating Principal of Keller Williams Realty in Washington Twp.  John opened up Keller Williams Realty Washington Twp. in 2012.  The Real Estate office has expanded from just his sales team of 8 agents to currently over 400 agents.  John Clidy is an investor in 5 other market centers inside the region as well.  John is a real estate investor and he runs “The Clidy Group” which is his real estate team. 

    The Clidy Group began in 1999 and John's real estate team has sold over 2,700 units.  His team has sold over 400+ million dollars in sold sales volume since inception. The CLidy Group consist of John Clidy who is recognized as a Platinum award winning NJ Circle of Excellence agent by NJAR, 7 top agents in the industry, a marketing department, a full time Executive Administrator and a Director of Operations.  As a real estate investor, John has flipped over 100 homes.  He holds over 4 million dollars in real estate assets.

    Real estate wasn’t John’s only career. John Clidy retired as a Detective Sergeant in the New Jersey State Police after 17 years.  He gave up a pension for life to pursue his “dream”.  Thanks to KW, his profit share has surpassed his pension!!  

  John believes that you must go after your dreams if you want be successful and 100% happy with your life. 


Suzanne Layser

Suzanne is the Executive Director of the team. Suzanne has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 15 years.  Suzanne has been a top agent on the team where she has helped thousands of clients achieve the American Dream of homeownership.  Suzanne now serves as the Executive Director and Assistant to John Clidy. Suzanne is the back end of the office and is constantly on top of every transaction that runs through The Clidy Group.  The Clidy group does over 25 million in volume and sells over 140 homes per year.

Carla Diplacido

Carla is the teams leading listing agent. Carla has been in the business for almost 20 years and has serviced multi million dollars in volume and thousands of clients. Carlas passion is Real Estate.  Carla's motto is "at home with Carla" because her clients feel comfortable knowing Carla always has their best interest at heart.  Once you work with Carla she becomes your realtor for life.

Cindy Riemer

Cindy is the teams "Bridges to the Beaches" Agent. Cindy passion is selling at the Jersey Shore.  Cindy is a top agent on the team where she has helped thousands of clients with purchases of forever homes as well as vacation homes. Cindy has been in the industry for over 10 years and is an honest and loyal Real Estate Agent. Cindy cares deeply about her clients and always shows compassion in her career.

Mike Chuppe

Mike is the Teams Buyer/Listing Specialist. With in one year of becoming an agent Mike Chuppe has become a multi million dollar producer.  Mike Chuppes passion has always been helping people.  Mike Chuppe is a retired Police Officer/Detective from The Vorhees District of Camden County.  Mike has served and protected the communities of NJ for 20 years. Mikes compassion and loyalty to people make him the success in Real Estate that he is today.





"The service was outstanding. Mr Clidy is very knowledgeable of the area and had me wait a few months for the price to reduce and mortgage rates dropped"

  -Anonymous, Client

"John is highly knowledgeable in ALL aspects of real estate. He can give you competent advise on prices, remodeling costs, and resale values. John knows any neighborhood and can assist with rental management."

  -Anonymous, Client

"I have known John Clidy for over ten years in a professional manner. Nobody and I mean nobody is more dedicated then John in finding that perfect house or investment property. I have purchased numerous investment properties from John and his staff including one that I am buying this week. And as always either John or Suzanne see that the purchase is effortless"

  -Anonymous, Client

"ohn listed my home and sold it within 90 days. He held an Open House and targeted just the right people! Then a year later he helped me purchase the home my family currently lives in."

  -Anonymous, Client

Keller WIlliams Realty


John Clidy has been in the business for over 19 years. After many years with a popular Real Estate Corporation, John Clidy, decided to take his career to the next level and become an Operating Principal, Regional Director and a top Realtor at Keller Williams Realty. Being hands-on as an agent first, John Clidy has a better understanding of what exactly a client is looking for when choosing their Real Estate Professional. As a top agent, he chose to become partners with a successful broker and brand in Keller Williams Realty. The technology and commitment to customer service is 2nd to none!!!!! We are currently one of the highest-ranked teams in South Jersey. John Clidy is the proud recipient of The New Jersey Circle Of Excellence Award 2019. John Clidy is also a Best Selling Author! His book “Leaving 6 Figures”, leads you on a journey from dual-career to full career. John has a full-service Real Estate team that treats their clients like family. Call us today for all of your Real Estate needs!

Most people spend over a third of their awake hours at work. If you aren’t happy and fulfilled with your job, you waste 30% of your life.  

John didn’t want to be a part of that statistic. So, he took action in his own life. His happiness and his family were the core of his decision to leave a six-figure career. Leaving 6 Figures was written to help families reverse that statistic and live a life with no regrets.  

Today, John Clidy is involved with Real Estate in numerous ways and wears many business hats.  

  • Operating Principal of Keller Williams Realty Washington Township
  • KW Regional Director, Greater PA Region  
  • Investor in five market centers
  • Real estate investor who has flipped more than 100 homes and holds over $7 million in real estate assets
  • The Clidy Group sold over 3,000 homes since 1999.  

As the author of this book, John achieves what he only dreamed of, by using his story to help others create a life by design. If you want to live a life by design, take this journey with John and he will help you navigate your own path. 

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Sewell, NJ